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Esztergom – Vaskapu Restaurant

Esztergom is one of the oldest towns in Hungary. Esztergom, as it existed in the Middle Ages, now rests under today’s town. The results of the most recent archeological excavations reveal that the Várhegy (Castle Hill) and its vicinity have been inhabited since the end of the Ice Age 20,000 years ago. The first people known by name were the Celts fromWestern Europe, who settled in the region in about 350 BC.
An flourishing Celtic settlement existed on the Varhegy until the region was conquered by Rome. Thereafter it became an important border province of Pannonia, known by the name of Solva. The German and Avar archeological finds found in the area reveal that these people settled there following theperiod of the migrations that were caused by the fall of the Roman Empire.

Camera position: Vaskapu restaurant


Badacsony – Kisfaludy-ház Restaurant

The Badacsony Region

For many people, Badacsony, the centre of the wine region is the home of the unique white wines, born from the love of the hill and the water, together with the harvest festival. The romantic love of the famous poet, Sándor Kisfaludy and Róza Szegedy, which started at a harvest in Badacsony, was left to us in lyrics. Ever since then each year brings new love and new harvest. Street, spring, lookout tower was named after the poet, while Róza gave the name of a basalt block forming a heart shape (Rózsakő). Today the wine press house of the woman in love is a museum, cherishing the memory of its owners. In Badacsonytomaj you must see the basalt church with its three aisles and two steeples. Only in France is there a church similar to this one. The four chapels on Badacsony Hill show that it is rich in spirituality. Badacsony has a spirit. If you stop for a minute here and listen silently, you can hear the noise of the fiery Celtic herds passing by, the everyday of the peaceful Avars, the rumble of the Roman carts. As the authors in the book “Erre inni kell” say: “People come and go on the hill, live lives after lives but the spirit is untouchable. It is charming, beautiful, magnificent, generous, rich and impossible to waste.”
Camera position: Badacsony, Kisfaludy-ház Restaurant


Visegrád – Citadel

Visegrád is a city where time had woven nature’s beauty into human creation; where the past millennium lives alongside the present. In the most gorgeous part of the Danube Bend, with exciting activities and experiences never to be forgotten, the castle town of Visegrád awaits you.


The upper fortification system built by Béla IV, the Citadel, was constructed in the 1250s. The Holy Crown was housed in the old castle tower from 1323 until the Ottoman subjection. The castle, which was the primary location of the 1335 Congress of Visegrád, had been expanded and embellished in the times of Sigismund of Luxemburg and Matthias Corvinus. By the end of the Ottoman subjection, the stronghold, shot to ruin in multiple sieges, had lost its military significance. Its restoration is in progress to this day.



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