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Peaceful and catching enviroment, healing air, hospitable people, active relaxation and regeneration.
Just a couple of things which characterize Zalakaros’ special welcoming charm. In the Zalakaros Spa, the slides and play houses, the salt chamber and salt sand box, the therapeutic garden, the indoor and outdoor adventure elements guarantee uncloudeden joyment for young, old, families and couples.
Zalakaros awaits you, whether you have good or bad weather!

Camera position: Zalakaros spa


Egerszalók – The Salt Hill

The Salt hill in Egerszalók is the symbol and trademark of the Valley of Spas.  The water coming up from 410 metres deep is about 65-68°C and is almost 27 000 years old. The water flowing down the hill side has formed special limestone terraces which are unique in Europe. The Saliris Resort Spa& Wellness Hotel was built at the foot of the Salt Hill, offers a wide variety of health treatments and wellness services to the guests.The Demjén Thermal Valley provides unique experiences for bathing lovers too.

Kamera position: Hotel Saliris



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