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5Ház Borbirtok

5 Ház Borbirtok néven született újjá az egykori Bálint Pince a Somló-hegyen. A régi présházakból kialakított, modern és egyedi házak különleges szálláslehetőséget kínálnak a borkedvelő, a város zaját szívesen hátrahagyó vendégek számára.

A korábban Bálint Pince néven ismert birtokunk megújult külsővel, modern menedékként várja az elbújni vágyókat.


Siófok – Main square

Siófok is the one of the most important touristic destinations of Hungary and Region Balaton. The symbol of the city the Water tower heightens on the Main square more than 100 years. With the two panorama elevators the guests can approach the look-out terrace, a café and an experience center. From the tower you can have a nice view not only to the Lake Balaton but the renewed imposing square. To visit Siófok is worth all year, where the relaxation with great experiences is guaranteed.

Camera position: Siófok main square


Badacsony – The Badacsony Region

Badacsony, the centre of the wine region is the home of the unique white wines, born from the love of the hill and the water, together with the harvest festival. The romantic love of the famous poet, Sándor Kisfaludy and Róza Szegedy, which started at a harvest in Badacsony, was left to us in lyrics. Ever since then each year brings new love and new harvest. Street, spring, lookout tower was named after the poet, while Róza gave the name of a basalt block forming a heart shape (Rózsakő). Today the wine press house of the woman in love is a museum, cherishing the memory of its owners. Badacsony was also the home of József Egry, the “painter of Lake Balaton”, whose house in Badacsony was converted into a museum exhibiting his works of art and articles for personal use. In Badacsonytomaj you must see the basalt church with its three aisles and two steeples. Only in France is there a church similar to this one. The four chapels on Badacsony Hill show that it is rich in spirituality. If you stop for a minute here and listen silently, you can hear the noise of the fiery Celtic herds passing by, the everyday of the peaceful Avars, the rumble of the Roman carts. As the authors in the book “Erre inni kell” say: “People come and go on the hill, live lives after lives but the spirit is untouchable. It is charming, beautiful, magnificent, generous, rich and impossible to waste.”

Camera position: Badacsony, Kisfaludy-ház Restaurant



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