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Touristic and location information system, with open-access WiFi
internet connection and HD live-cam broadcast,
integrated into one system.

Our Hungary-Live.com site is designed to popularize Hungary as a tourist destination both among ungarians and international visitors. Thus, the site has a multilingual environment, and its structured according to region and service.
On the basis of this solution, we have managed to build a system with full national coverage, the marketing potential of which goes far beyond that of usual local solutions.
Obviously, we make it possible to display the stream on the particular location’s or TDM’s own website, too, besides Hungary-Live.com.
In this case, the live stream still goes through our server, so it won’t generate data traffic in our partner’s network.

Internet rent – open – access WiFi

Scalable, high-capacity 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi access point operating at both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously, with a high-gain antenna and high output performance.
External coverage even from a distance of 150-200m, depending on the model.
Thanks to professional firewall settings, clients connected to the system canaccess the World Wide Web through a safe connection.

HD broadcast

Each device has a high-photosensitivity HD IP camera that enables continuous
streaming. Each camera is connected to a media server located in the data center, which
prevents network connection overload, and makes it possible for thousands of viewers to connect. This solution forms the basis for our Hungary-live.com service.

Full compatibility

Our service is primarily expected to fully meet the demands of the present day, which means it has to be compatible with all kinds of devices.
In order to meet this requirement, our system only contains modules that meet the international standards in every respect, and are capable of professional performance independent of platform. Our external units can virtually handle all kinds of mobile phones, tablets or laptops, regardless of OS.
Hungary-Live.com is based on HTML5, so it runs perfectly in any browser or mobile device (Android, IOS, Blackberry).

Service locations

The target customers of the service are both tourists and local residents.
From a touristic point of view, primary importance is given to locations of cultural significance such as museums, main squares, sights, and walking streets.
Non-seasonal users include local residents, since they can enjoy the benefits of the service at train and bus stations, transport hubs, and more frequented squares.
Also, as a result of the flexibility of the system, even public information can be made available as quickly and easily as never before.
Online HD streaming has considerable marketing potential, so its deployment markedly increases the attraction of tourist destinations.

Smart city – tourist card

Our system is also compatible with the systems of external service providers, so it can be integrated with Tourist Card or City Card systems.
As a result, such bonuses as free internet access can be made available in various local spots for existing bonus cards issued either for tourists or for local residents.


You can now show and enjoy just about any festival from the comfort of your home for free. We provide our server and tools to show and watch your favorite artists, festivals, and venues so that you never miss your a live performance again. Our mission is to build Hungary’s most comprehensive network of festival experiences so that we can bring more live program into your life.

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