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Facts about Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its capital, Budapest, is bisected by the Danube River and famed for…

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Visa and immigration

Your passport is your ticket to Hungary - as of May 1, 2004 Hungary is part of the European Union,…

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Hungarian inventions

Start here: As we described in a recent article, if you spend enough time with a Hungarian they are likely to…

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History of Hungary

Early inhabitants The Carpathian Basin, in which Hungary lies, has been populated for hundreds of thousands of years. Bone fragments found…

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Plan your trip

Are you looking for programs, festivals and the best parties? Did you know that Hungary has more then 600 castles, 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 15 thermal baths? If…

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Iconic Destionations

Hungary is your new ‘must visit’ destination. Are you looking for magical castles, UNESCO Word Heritage Areas, hystoric places or a lake where you can fishing? Come here for amazing…

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My goal is to create a previously non-existent national network for tourism, which provides high quality coverage for the entire country. Furthermore I would also like to promote the growth of tourism in Hungary and contribute to the development of the smart city systems, townships and tourist attractions.

\"Janos Janos

My aim is to influence those people who travel to Hungary along with those who are just transiting through. I hope, we can make our country more attractive and we’ll be able to give everyone the chance to experience how beautiful this place is, where we live in.

Katalin KőpatakiKatalin Kő



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